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My name is Akram, and I'm the creator of FrenchTechLead.

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Web Performance, de Zéro en Héros

Un guide complet sur la performance web. Apprenez comment améliorer la vitesse de votre site et la performance web en appliquant les meilleures pratiques.

Web Performance 101

A complete guide to web performance. Learn how to improve your site speed and web performance by applying the best practices.

HTTP Snitch - The Byte Size HTTP Request Debugger

HTTP-SNITCH is a tiny HTTP request debugger that prints the HTTP headers of the incoming requests. It is useful to debug reverse proxies, load balancers, and other HTTP servers.

Never use AWS Route53 to manage your domain names pointing to non aws resources

This is why you should never use AWS Route53 to manage your domain names pointing to non aws resources

Remove trailing slash from URL with Spring Boot

A step by step guide to remove trailing slash from URL with Spring Boot

My Route53 domain is not getting resolved

Dubugging why my newely created Route53 domain name is not getting resolved on the internet

99 Percent of Web Developers Don't Know About This very common Vulnerability

The most underrated vulnerability in the web today must be the target _blank vulnerability, let's see how to exploit it in this article.

A Story of a Web Developer, Part 1

Some thoughts about web developmeent and the right framework to use.

How To Disable HTML Form Autocomplete

A Step By Step Guide on how to disable Autofill/Autocomplete HTML Forms with pure HTML and Angular.

Use SVG as Angular Template

This article we explain how to use Angular SVG Components to create a dynamic diagrams, we discuss the pros and cons of this approache and we also give some tips to help you to get started whith Angular SVG Components.

Java Memory Management

In this short article, I’ll try to briefly explain how Java manages Random Access Memory (RAM), explaining the basics of garbage collecting, the two main Memory types in Java, Memory Leaks: how to diagnose them and how to ensure that your application handles the memory the right way.

The Hardest Production Bug That I Faced During My Software Engineering Career.

In this article, I’ll describe the weirdest Internet Explorer bug that I faced in my life, how we diagnosed it, and correct it in my company.

The Weirdest Java Interview Questions

This is a post that gathers the weirdest Java interview questions that I personally faced during job interviews or heard of during my career as a Software Engineer.

How To Protect Your Domain Name Idea

A lot of websites offer you the possibility to check for the availability of any domain name, but do you garuntee that these websites are safe?

How To Build a Web Bot in 2 minutes

There is a ton of repetitive tasks that we can automate thanks to bots, in this article I’ll show you the easiest and the fastest way to build a bot using Python and Selenium 🚀🚀🚀.

How To Fetch the Number of Claps and Comments Under a Medium Story

How to programmatically retrieve the stats (number of claps and comments) of any Medium.com post using a custom REST API.

Learn HTTP The Right Way

HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, initially created for web browser/server communication, it has many more use cases today.

L’essentiel de Git & Gitlab pour les débutants

L’essentiel de Git & Gitlab pour les débutants, Apprenez tous les outils nécessaires à la création de votre premier projet Git.

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